The Dictator


We’ll build this Empire, I won’t bow down.

Your words forcing me, into the ground.

War is coming from every direction.

Destroy the creator, for I’m The Dictator!

Empty Bones & Broken Homes

She can see what she was left and she can see she’s what I have done.

He can see he’s captured her heart and she can see he’s fucked with the one.


You can sleep at night, you can see what we see.

If your soul’s out, then breathe, sleeper, breathe.

I don’t want you to go, I told you to stay awake.

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Breathe Sleeper Breathe

Release Date : May 6, 2013
Artist : If Looks Could Kill
Catalog ref. : 0799975980331
Format : Digital Download

Blistering Post-Hardcore/Metalcore from the United Kingdom. Mini album ‘Breathe Sleeper Breathe’ containing single, The Dictator.