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New Releases Dropping This Month

September sees us drop two new releases! Monday the 7th will see the single from Grey Goes Down available worldwide on all platforms and streaming services. You can find out more about our first September release on the GGD website.

On the 28th September we’ve got a new EP from Flip Like Wilson coming out worldwide on all streaming services. Giving Up has two extra tracks, Twenty15 and Naughty Boy (the video for Naughty Boy is out now). With a line-up shuffle since their last release, Giving up demonstrates a bold evolution of songwriting and arrangement from the boys.

Fans of the Flip Like Wilson EP will be delighted with the brilliant new track Giving Up, which showcases everything we love about the infectious melodies and soaring choruses we’ve come to love from the Leicester 4-piece.

Buy and Sell Second Hand Vinyl In Our Store

Not only are we selling second hand vinyl (of which we have had a great new influx lately so be sure to check out the new titles available in store now), but we are also looking to buy your second hand vinyl as well. We don;t guarantee to buy everything we are offered, but we are actively looking to acquire more and more second hand vinyl for re-sale (or maybe keep is one o four favourites) in the shop here on our website.

If you have vinyl for sale please get in touch with Mr Byron Madden (no relation to Steve) via our contact page with either a link or image of what you have to sell and how much you are looking to sell it for.

We look forward to doing business with you. Long live vinyl!

Pre Order So Easy on Apple Music

The new single from Grey Goes Down is now available to pre-order on Apple Music

Originally demo’ed in 2011, the alt-rock inspired So Easy is just over 2 minutes of driving guitars and sing-along hooks. You can stream download it from all the usual platforms from Monday the 7th September.

The new remixed and re-mastered version has added elements previously not showcased on the Terminal B-Side last year, and you can experience them to full effect by watching the video for So Easy on SMRTV’s New Releases channel!

Remixed and Remastered

Having already been released as a video (which you can see on SMRTV), and the demo version as a B-Side, Grey Goes Down new single, S0 Easy, has been updated with a remix and remaster. The track was recorded completely on analogue equipment using a retro mixing desk, the same one in fact used at the Long Beach Arena in March 1984!...

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