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Check Out Our New Featured Playlist On Spotify

With a focus on Hard Rock and Metal, this playlist shows a great cross-section of our catalogue from our favourite genre of music right now.

You can see more of what we’re working with and what we’re into right now over at SMRTV where we have 9 channels to choose from.

All of our releases are available on Spotify as well so make sure to follow our playlist and it’s artists.

In addition to the 9 playlist channels we have on SMRTV, also available for streaming directly if you subscribe you our Youtube Channel

We have a dedicated playlist on Spotify where we add tracks we’ve released and songs by amazing artists we have worked with. Be sure to check it out.

If you are a musician, band, label or catalogue owner and would like to be added to our featured Spotify playlist then please get in touch with us to introduce your music in the first instance, remember, we can’t take unsolicited submissions.

Likewise, if you would like to find out more about our distribution and label services please contact Leo Irwin.

Learn more about distribution here.

As the traditional role of the record label has disappeared we have changed the role we play and the service we offer to artists is mirrored by those we provide to catalogue owners and independent labels looking to increase their global reach and grow their audience across multiple channels. We look forward to helping you amplify your audience and achieving your full potential.

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